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Please be informed that:

1. From 26 May 2016 onwards, Azora Lighting Pte Ltd and its affiliates, including Kenzo Lighting Consultant Pte Ltd and Designers Lighting Pte Ltd and all members of the “Azora Group” (the “Azora Group”) are no longer authorized dealers of DALEN Products.

2. Apart from genuine DALEN products which bear the DALEN trade marks, products being marketed, distributed, sold, or offered for sale by the Azora Group (for example AZORA JR516-38W and AZORA JR500-28W) are in no way related or connected to Jiangsu Dalen Electronic Co., Ltd, Dalen Singapore Pte Ltd and/or its affiliates whatsoever.

3. Dalen Singapore Pte Ltd will honor the warranty for any genuine DALEN Product which had been purchased by consumers from the Azora Group in accordance with the terms of the product warranty.